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Why Your Sales “Follow Up” is Not Working

It happens all the time by email, telephone, and through social media, the fake“I just wanted to follow up”sales prospecting approach.

Large company or small, no decision-maker wants to have their time wasted.  So, they’re probably not going to visit your website to first “learn more about” your product.  In addition, executives generally don’t open their calendars for total strangers to talk to them about something they are ill-informed about, or couldn’t care less about.  In short, you are pushing a button that turns them off, so it’s no wonder they are not returning your call or replying to your digital contact.

Marketing Localization: What It Takes to be ‘Local-Ready’

Local markets are defined by the customers within them. Each market is different and subject to regional attitudes and cultures. In order to be effective, local marketing strategy needs to employ highly targeted marketing messages created by field sales agents and distributors who know the market best. If organizations want to succeed at the local level, they must be “local-ready”, a standard that requires focus on four key competency areas:
1.  Marketing Asset Management: The ability to provide distributed channels with ready access to up-to-date materials and to enable them to customize messaging for their local market.
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