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Sample Engagement Project

Social Media Networking for Sales Results

Sample Engagement Results

In all cases, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) results improved through the use of social media; including, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, corporate blogs and video.


  • Increased monthly online leads by 275%
  • Increased Twitter followers of over 650%
  • Increased Twitter followers of key executives from 300 to over 30K
  • Increased Klout score over 70%

Dayton Sharks

  • Increased Twitter (@DaytonSharks) followers 700% (2X the number of last year’s CIFL champ)
  • Increased Facebook “Likes” 5,800
  • Increased Klout score 25%
  • Average Unique Clicks (email marketing): 4.5% (31% better than sports industry average)
  • Forwards (email marketing): 8.6%
  • Season Ticket Sales: Sales increased 38% even with season ticket price increase
  • Box Office Sales: Sales increased 1,818% even with box office ticket price increase
  • Group Sales: 20% increase
  • Promotional Ticket Product Sales: 100% increase
  • Home Opener Merchandise Sales: 166% increase
  • Sponsorship: 20% increase from returning advertisers


  • Created over 3,000 sales leads in 3 months at a cost per lead of less than $40.
  • Increased Twitter followers over 500%
  • Increased Klout score over 54%
  • Increased LinkedIn Group members over 220%

Berry Network Inc., an AT&T Company

  • Increased sales leads 1,000%
  • Increased Twitter followers over 500%
  • Increased Klout score over 100%

Seapine Software

  • Increased qualified sales leads 7% over 2007 results, while coming under budget by 24%
  • Sales organization set three consecutive monthly sales records as well as three consecutive quarter sales records
  • Press releases resulted in a 114% increase in media coverage over the previous year
  • Developed and launched the Seapine Software User Group on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (meaning all growth was new growth)


Networking for Sales Results Alan See at LinkedIn Live in Cincinnati

Alan See presents "Networking for Sales Results - 4 Ways to Power Your Business with the 'Who’s Viewed Your Profile' Feature on LinkedIn"

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